Zynga Ad Bill Ban instructions How to Proceed Running Advertising with Prohibited Facebook Bank account

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Did Zynga Ban your own ad profile? Are you experiencing the “Account Flagged having Policy Violation” message upon Ad Supervisor?

Well in the event the answer is normally yes, most likely Facebook handicapped your Advertisement account but it will surely NOT enable you to create virtually any new advertisement. After bar, it will perhaps automatically END all working ads.

Is not going to feel jailed. You can nevertheless run adverts on Fb using the similar account. Within this video, Sanjeev is discussing Facebook Enterprise Account where one can have several ad profile without paying any cash.

In this case, you could create brand new Facebook Accounts and by utilizing a different charge card with a new quantity you can manage ads.

If not you can use Youtube Business Be the reason for running advertising. Facebook Company account supplies you some different advertising accounts.

Observe: You have to employ a new charge card for different advertisement account.

Ask for more advertisement accounts also! 😊

Myspace Business Bank account provides a person multiple WIKIPEDIA pixels with respect to retargeting adverts.

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